Charleroi Interurban Artifacts
Eldora Summit and Eldora/Black Diamond Hollow
Eldora Summit and Eldora / Black Diamond Hollow | Glendenning Trestle | Black Diamond | Bridges 1, 2, and 3

Photos on this page include Eldora Summit and Eldora/Black Diamond Hollow.

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Then and Now - Photos taken from Route 837 looking south towards Monongahela River and Monessen.

Section of track bed being used as a driveway off of Wanner Avenue.

Another shot of the track bed off of Wanner Avenue.

Remnants of road through the hollow are on the left. Red line indicates the track bed grade.

Remnants of asphalt road through the hollow are on the left with stream washing out parts of the road. Tire tracks on road appear to be from ATVs (All Terain Vehicles).

Photo December 24, 2007

Note extant culvert under track bed.

This section of trolley road bed was recently mowed.

Section of trolley road bed that appears to be kept clear from ATV use.

Another section of trolley road bed.

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