Charleroi Interurban Artifacts
Bridges 1, 2, and 3
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Photos on this page follow the path of the PRCo from north of the Charleroi-Monessen bridge to Summit at Route 837 and include remnants of Bridges #1, #2, and #3.

Thumbnails of aerial photos to the right of the photos show approximate location and angle of the camera.

See also: Historical photos of the Bridges 1, 2, and 3.

Aerial photo highlighting features in this section traveling north from the Charleroi-Monessen Bridge to Summit.

PRCo line was above this retaining wall near the northern end of old Lock 4. I am standing on the PRR tracks looking up towards PRCo route as it approached Bridge #1.

Photo courtesy of Mark McGuire, November, 2007

Photo above is enlarged section outlined in yellow on left photo of remaining north abutment from Bridge #1.

Yellow arrow on engineering drawing points to north abutment. Photo was taken from west side of bridge approaching from Route 88.

Looking up the hill towards the south abutment of Bridge #2.

Piers were capped with cut stone - most of them still intact.

Local wildflowers growing amidst bridge remnants.

Dutchman's Breeches


South abutment of Bridge #2.

Pier of first bent visible in foreground.

Close-up of cut stone pad in bridge seat in the south abutment of Bridge #2.

South abutment. I am standing facing the river about where the track approached the bridge.

Line pole stump visible in foreground.

South abutment of Bridge #2, looking towards Monessen.

One of the Bridge #2 piers.

Back of north abutment of Bridge #2.

Back of north abutment of Bridge #2 north of the abutment.

Heading north away from Bridge #2.

Approaching south abutment of Bridge #3 facing the river.

Front of south abutment of Bridge #3.

Toppled pier with cut stone intact.

Toppled piers looking up towards south abutment of Bridge #3.

Another pier - this one with stone cap toppled to the left.

Bridge #3 is the only bridge with remaining pieces of steel. These are all near the lowest point in the hollow near the creek.

Vicinity of Bridge #3 looking south towards Charleroi. Charleroi-Monessen Bridge visible above the barge.

Approaching north abutment of Bridge #3. North abutment is the only one that is not in tact. Large chunk of the right side has broken off and fallen down the hill.

Back of north abutment of Bridge #3 facing south towards Charleroi.

Walking north away from Bridge #3.

Continuing north towards Summit.

Most of the track bed from Bridge #3 to Summit is kept clear as an off-road vehicle trail.

Gravel track bed is exposed in this section from off-road vehicle use.

Approaching screechy hollow (bend in track known for screeching noise heard all the way to Lock Four).

Most line poles were cut about a foot above the ground and removed. This one was left after being cut.

River View Rest Stop on off-road vehicle route. East side of track bed near Summit approaching Route 837.

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