Charleroi Interurban Historical Photos
Black Diamond
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Photo from James B. Holland collection

Both cars approaching Black Diamond Junction heading north towards Pittsburgh. Car on left is a double-ended yellow car coming from Donora on Route 837. PCC car on right coming from Eldora Hollow.

Photo from ERA Headlights, 1984

Same location as previous photo, this one during a fan trip. On normal routes, destination on PCC car on right would read "Pittsburgh" instead of "Canonsburg."

Track bed on the right was converted to a road called "Trolley Lane."

Original caption reads "Forty-one minutes north of Roscoe, at black Diamond Jct., the Donora local line (on left) connected with the Charleroi interurban line. By 1952, Pittsburgh's conventional interurban fleet had been replaced by PCC cars 1613-1619, 1644-1648 and 1700-1724. Duke-Middleton Collection"

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Photo from Pittsburgh Railways Listserv at

Same location from the opposite direction. Double ended car is headed straight ahead to Donora on Route 837. Switch to right would go to Charleroi via Eldora Hollow.

Photo C. J. Dengler, in Miller Library, PA Trolley Museum

Norfolk & Southern trestle crossing Black Diamond Hollow. Car is inbound, towards Pittscurgh, even though the destination sign reads "Charleroi." Photo was taken from what is currently Trolley Lane near Rt 837.


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Photo from Report on the Coal Mines of the Monongahela River Region (1884), by Sutton J. Wall

Black Diamond coal tipple on the Monongahela River near Black Diamond Junction.

Wall's Report on Coal Mines includes a map of coal mines in the area showing over a dozen coal mines in operation in the mid 1800's along the Monongahela River between Lock 4 and Black Diamond.

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