Charleroi Interurban Historical Photos
Allenport, Roscoe, Elco
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Photo Frank Dodge, Duke-Middleton Collection in Miller Library, PA Trolley Museum

White Barn Siding Charleroi Line Route 88 heading toward Allenport c. 1952

April 2008

Building with three gable dormers (top center in photo above) is the White Barn Restaurant.

1947 Photo from ERA Headlights, 1984
Roscoe July 2009

In 1947, the premier interurban equipment in the Pittsburgh Railway fleet was the St. Louis-built 3800 series. These 15 lightweight cars (3800-3814) were delivered in 1928, and were capable of speeds in excess of 55 m.p.h. on some of the long stretches of open track on the Washington and Charleroi lines.

Bill Vigrass, ERA Headlights, 1984

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1947 Photo from ERA Headlights, 1984

The Pittsburgh interurban fleet included two groups of cars numbered in the 3700s. Railroad-roof 3700-3714 were built by the J. G. Brill Co., in 1917, while deck-roof 3750-3769 came from Osgood Bradley in 1225. Today, an indistinguishable bare cinder patch adjacent to Pennsylvania highway 837 is all that remains of the Roscoe Loop and Downe's lunch stand.

Bill Vigrass, ERA Headlights, 1984

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Photo Charleroi Area Historical Society

Pittsburgh-Charleroi Railway Car
Motorman - Ed. Elder of Charleroi, PA
Conductor - Frank Sample of Allenport, PA
Taken at Elco, PA., About 1926

Picture owned by Elmer J. Pardiny - Charleroi, PA

The loop at the end of the line was called the Elco Loop, but it was technically within the Roscoe Borough limits.

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