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About This Site

I am grateful to the following people who contributed to this site:

Ed Lybarger and the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum for providing many of the photographs of and historical facts about the PRCo Interurban.

Mark McGuire, the late Tom Phillips, and the members of for collecting and sharing historical facts and photos.

Robert R. Rockwell (my Uncle) who contributed numerous photos, links and facts. He contributed much of the information used in the captions for photos.

Nikki Sheppick of the Charleroi Area Historical Society for her tireless devotion in preserving and sharing historical information of the Charlerori Area.

University of Pittsburgh, University Library System, Archives Service Center for maintaining and sharing historical archives on Pittsburgh and local history including a set of back issues of the Monongahela Valley review.

I tried to credit owners and contributors of photos and information where possible. I apologize if I made any omissions or errors. Many photos were sent to me in emails, and I don't know their origin. Please send me any corrections or additions and I will make appropriate updates.

Contributions are welcome. If you have photos, recollections or other historical information you would like to contribute, email me at

About this Site
This site started as a section of the Eldora Park web site. As I researched Eldora Park, I collected substantial information about the PRCo Charleroi Interurban and split it off as its own site. I hope it will serve as a place to collect and share recollections and historical information for future generations.

I learned about the Charleroi Interurban in the 1960's. I remember my Grandfather telling me "That's where the trolley used to go" when we were near Monessen Junction and Lock View. I didn't learn the exact route or see photos until I started doing research for this site.

Richard Rockwell